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Here’s a short list of our general rates.

NOTE: These are our base prices. Price will increase based on the following: mileage from us + distance between homes, table size and difficulty (such as antique or custom tables), flights of stairs, elevators, one piece slate tables
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Pool Table Moving Rates: Starts at $475
“Moving” means Disassembling a table at one location, transporting the table to another location (could be in the same building), and reassembling in new location.

Pool Table Installation Rates: Starts at $375
“Installation” involves assembling a table that is already in a disassembled state. If the table is bought new, it may be shipped in many small pieces. This could cost extra.
Note: We do not move one piece slate pool tables up or down flights of stairs. A few individual steps may be ok.

Pool Table Recovering Rates: Depending on the type of cloth, rates range from $500-$700..
Visit our Pool Table Moving Rates page for more details.

Additional Pool Table Services:
Disassemble 3-piece slate pool table: Starts at $275
To transport the table somewhere (e.g. your/our storage, another house, up or downstairs…) will cost extra
Our storage fee: $150/month

NOTE: These are our lowest prices. They apply to jobs within 30 miles of us with 3 piece slate 7 foot furniture pool tables going from first floor to first floor. If you have a one piece slate table, an antique, extra distance, or any of the other conditions noted above, you will be quoted a higher price. Call Richard at 818-477-4995 for a quote for your specific job
Or call 818-477-4995.

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