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About Us

We are Quality Pool Table Movers – Chase and Brett Friedland, two brothers operating a pool table moving business together. Coming from an entrepreneurial family, we learned about the value of hard work and reliability. During a family visit to our aunt and uncle’s home, our Uncle Bill mentioned that he thought we would be good at working in a pool table and recovering business of our own. Uncle Bill is the owner of Expert Pool Table Moving & Recovering in Murrieta, CA. He is the most sought-after pool table technician in the Imperial Valley, having done thousands of pool table projects over the past ten years.

Being young, strong and personable guys, we took Uncle Bill up on the offer to train us to be one of the best pool table installers in the Los Angeles area. Because of our uncle’s high standards in the training process, we have become proficient pool table movers and excel in the art of recovering pool tables.

Thanks, Uncle Bill. You rock! And our customers appreciate you, too.

Quality Pool Table Movers – What’s In A Name?

When we started our business, of course, we needed to come up with a name. In our family, we have a history of focusing on Quality – literally. Our grandfather owned a plumbing supply business in Connecticut for 50 years called Quality Plumbing Supply. Even though he passed away when we were small, our family knew him to be a kind, loving, and generous man.

During the time when our parents met, our father owned a bowling tournament business. It was called Quality Bowling Association. Our father and his brother ran that business successfully for many years.

So now it’s our turn. We wanted to pay a respectful homage to our father and grandfather by calling our business “Quality Pool Table Movers.” Because that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Honoring the people we love and how we remember them.

We take the word “Quality” seriously. You will see it in our work and in our spirit.

We look forward to serving you.