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Pool Table Moving Rates

Moving a Pool Table . . .

Whether you want to move your table to another room, or to another home, there are certain things to keep in mind before you move your table. Your pool table is usually between 700 to 1100 pounds and can be damaged if not moved properly. Upon initial installation, each piece of slate is carefully leveled to ensure a perfectly flat playing surface.

You should NEVER move the pool table in one piece. The pool table must first be disassembled. If you lift the pool table using the side rails, you will most likely cause the slate to become unlevel or develop an uneven playing surface or it is possible to break the side rails, the legs or the slate. The proper way to move the pool table is to first disassemble the pool table, move the table to the second location in pieces, then carefully reassemble it and reinstall the existing cloth.

We will completely disassemble your table, pack it up, move it to a second address, and assemble the table while getting it precisely level. We take excellent care of the tables that we transport. We pay close attention to make sure the finish doesn’t get scratched, and we use furniture blankets where necessary.

To determine if your table has one or three pieces of slate, look under the table. If there are two cross supports, then your table has three pieces of slate. Almost all one-piece slate tables have only one cross support in the middle of the table.

Call if you need assistance to find out how many pieces of slate your table has.

We always save the cloth on a move. The following prices are with your existing cloth reinstalled:


If the distance of your pool table move is greater than 20 miles, please call us for a quote.

NOTE: This includes your distance from us. Not just between pickup and dropoff.

Extra charge for flights of stairs. No charge if it’s only a few steps up to the house.



Pool Table Moving with Recovering Rates - Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara Counties

The existing cloth on your table can almost always be saved. The only time new cloth is installed during a move is if the cloth is worn, stained or you just want a different color to match your décor. If you like the existing cloth, we will carefully re-install it at the new location.

If you decide to install new cloth on the bed and the rails, then add to the moving rate as follows:

Championship Invitational Cloth: $375
Pro Tour Worsted Cloth: $415
Simonis 760/860 Cloth: $575

See cloth colors >

To get a detailed quote or schedule an appointment,
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Pool Table on Board

Pool Table Moving & Recovering
Our RAM Promaster 1500 will safely move your pool table to your new location. Our van is specially designed with a slate box, rail box & platform for the pool table base.

What Our Customers Say...

Darrel Dressel
Darrel Dressel
17:40 23 Oct 17
My wife called around to find someone to move a pool table from her parent’s house to ours. After speaking to several places, we decided to have Quality Pool Table Movers do the job. And we are really glad we did. Brett and Chase were outstanding in every way! Not only was it a good price, but we could see the care and workmanship they put into the pool table. They told us that they had worked in the family business and was trained by their uncle, who has done over 10,000 tables. They arrived on time and took their time in doing the job. Quality is more important to them than speed. Both my wife and I were pleased and would definitely hire them again. I have already recommended them to a couple friends with pool more
Jacob Amoss
Jacob Amoss
23:51 26 Oct 17
I had bought a pool table off of craigslist. Quality Pool Table Movers picked it up from the seller and installed it in my house. Great job. Thanks!read more
Samantha Williams
Samantha Williams
21:25 27 Oct 17
Chase and Brett were very fast and professional. We no longer needed our pool table so they disassembled it and moved it to my storage more
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